Monday, February 25, 2013

Napoleonic Officer Horse Furniture

I have had some of Waterloo 1815's Napoleonic Mounted Line Officers in my possession for some time now, and I am just about to get started on painting them. However, I'm stumped at the first hurdle!!! I am lost as to which horse should be used for which Officers!

I was hoping some of you more knowledgeable folks would be able to offer some assistance.

The four horses in the box are as follows:

Horse 1

Horse 2

Horse 3

Horse 4

I have a feeling the horse 3 and 4 are French Officers horses, based on the symbol that is on the blanket, located at the rear, bottom.

The figures that come in the box are as follows:

General Picton
Duke of Brunswick
Prince of Orange
British Officer
Highland Officer
Dutch Officer
2 x French Officers
French Imperial Guard Officer
Nassau Jager Officer

Aleternatively, you can see them here:

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated