Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slaughterloo Project - Update 2

So, following on from my previous update: HERE, I've managed to get another unit completed for our Slaughterloo project! Having a focus is certainly helping me get through my painting a lot quicker, as I now only have 9 figures left to paint! YAY!!!

Although these figures are for the 105th Rifles, they will be proxied for the game as Orc Line Infantry, until such time as I can afford to buy a line unit.

Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for looking! :-)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Halfling Archers

Using the fact that I'm "on a roll" with my painting at the moment, I've taken the opportunity to finish off a unit of figures that I've had lying around in the form some Halfling / Hobbit archers. I think these are Harlequin miniatures, and I absolutely love them. They have oodles of character and charm to them.

They were originally earmarked for my Warhammer 3rd Edition project, and more recently I was tempted to paint them up to use as a unit of Halflings for my current Slaughterloo / Flintloque project I'm currently working on ( HERE and HERE just in case you missed it!), but decided against it in the end, deciding instead to add them to the figures being used for my wedding fund!

Anyway, hope you like them, and if you're interested, they will be up for sale shortly on Ebay, HERE

Thanks for looking! :-)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Slaughterloo Project - Update 1


So, this is my first update in relation to the Slughterloo project that my mate and I are working on. First up is an Albion Horse Artillery unit:

In addition, I had bought and started some Krautian Guard a little while ago, but have only just gotten around to finishing them off. I was going to use them in my division for the project, but decided against it in the end. Anyway, here they are:

Again, thanks for looking, and hopefully I'll have more updates soon!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Joint Flintloque/Slaughterloo challenge

Hi all!

Following on from a post by my mate,  HERE, I am taking up the challenge of painting the opposing force. I tried a few different compositions for my army, and I didn't realise how tough it was actually going to be putting together a small, balanced 1000 point force!

My final decision is as follows:

Raw C-in-C
Raw General
Horse Artillery: a medium cannon with 4 crew
12 Orc Line (although I am proxying some Rifleorcs for this, until I can get some purchased [saving for a wedding and not being able to buy toys sucks! lol])
10 Orc Rifles
12 Black Watchit (there are 6 in the picture, and my mate is lending me his 6)

And some close ups:

I was originally going to use some Krautian Guard and Strathcarnage Rats, but decided that the above woud be more fun to play. So there you go, 23 figures inc a cannon left to paint, in 73 days. I know it doesn't sound much, but with everything else I have going on, it's going to be tough to get these done. But get them done I shall! As I finish a unit, I'll get some pics posted, so please follow our progress.

Thanks for looking

Ryan :-)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Prussian Napoleonic Officers

Well, two posts in two days, I must be a role! :-D

Another of my ongoing, very long term projects, is Napoleonics. I picked up a box of the Hat 1:72 Napoleonic Officers not too long back, which contains an incredible 12 mounted Officers for about £6. Ok, slight exageration there. You get 4 Officers, with 3 poses of each, but as the arms come seperate on some of them, there is opportunity for slight variation.

Anyway, I made a start on them, and here are the Prussian Officers (Spanish and Russian to follow at some point, but who knows when, with the way I operate! lol)

The ones that are based I intend to keep for myself, the others can be bought here: AUCTIONS

Thanks again for looking

Sunday, May 4, 2014

HOTT Dark Elves

Hi all!

I've been working on a few projects lately (who isn't?!?), and one of those was to finish off a Dark Elf army I started a couple of years back using Splintered Light Miniatures excellent range of 15mm/18mm figures. And now that I have finally completed them, I thought I'd share :-)

For once I've actually completed a project! However, with my wedding fast approaching, I will be selling these on, and they can be found here: AUCTIONS

Thanks for looking