Sunday, December 1, 2013

Austrian Napoleonics

I picked up a box of the Strelets 1:72 Allied Staff recently, and have had the opportunity to paint up the Austrian figures from it. This is a great set of figures, with 35 sculpts representing various characters from the Napoleonic era. The Austrian figures are: Emperor Francis, Archduke Charles, Karl Philipp Prince of Schwarzenberg, A General, 2 Senior Officers, an Office, an ADC, and 2 Infantry Officers.


I also finished up one of the British Officers as well:


IF you are interested in the Austrians, they can be purchased here: Ebay Auction

Thanks again for looking :-)

Zulu War continued

Further to my earlier post ( I have been working on my Zulu War project in amongst all the other things I have been painting, and have a few units finished up. I had originally planned to have them based for Principles of War, but part way through decided to base them singly so I can use them for the Sword and the Flame, and will also be using them for Black Powder

Command units for BP:


Royal Artillery Gatling Gun and Naval Brigade Gardiner Gun:


Mounted Infantry and a Regiment of Infantry (probably the 80th):


I've also completed a couple of practice figures for a couple more regiments, namely the KRRC and the 91st Highlanders:


Lots more to come for this project, so watch this space! :-)

American War of Rebellion part 2

Working slowly through the lead and plastic piles, I finished off some more of my American War of Rebellion (Independence if you're that way inclined! lol), which leaves me with just one more lot to do in the form of some of Perry's British infantry.

 I felt like doing these wearing brown coats, as opposed to the "traditional" blue. I like how they turned out! All figures are Wargames Foundry (apologies for the poor quality of some of the pics. I'm trying to adjust to a new camera! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! lol):

Thanks again for looking :-)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flintloque part 2

Hi all,

Following on from my first Flintloque post, I've finished painting the next batch of figures I've been working upon.

First up, a few Limited Edition Orc Characters: General Augustus Fartsagale, Foul Mouth Freddy, and a Chaplain.

Probably my favourite of all the races of Valon are the Joccians. Highland and Lowland rats fighting for the cause of Albion, just don't tell them that they're wearing skirts!!! :-D

General Surjon Moore, General Archirat Gordon (easily my favourite figure in the whole collection), and Captain Angus McBam. I tried to do the Stewart tartan on McBam's kilt, but unfortunately it didn't turn out that well. If I have time, I may go back to it at a later date.


The Catalucia starter pack also comes with Highland rats of the 42nd Blacke Watchit regiment:


Having requested the Lite version from Alternative Armies, there was a code for two free figures included, one of which was this Ferach officer (the other being the Orc redcoat officer in my previous post):

Also included in the Catalucia starter set are the following Ferach troops, a L'Espirit du Garde cavalry trooper and 5 Chasseurs du Garde (having taken these photos I've realised I never painted the eyes, so will need to go back over these!):


And the figures from the Catalucia starter together:

Thanks for looking, and I will hopefully have some more photos of newly painted Flintloque stuff up shortly!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

ACW Revisted

Following on from my Flintloque post, I have also been busy trying to get through my backlog of existing figures. I finally managed to get some more of my American Civil War stuff painted up. I have painted these as the 20th Maine. I know the flags are a little different than they were historically, but the design was sculpted on, so I went with that. The main character figure does represent Col Chamberlain though, and comes from the Strelets ACW Union commanders box.

Figures are a mix of Imex, Strelets and Italeri

And there we have it. 40 more figures off the painting to do list!

If you like these, I will be placing them for auction on the Miniature Bids site in short order.

See you soon!