Sunday, December 1, 2013

Austrian Napoleonics

I picked up a box of the Strelets 1:72 Allied Staff recently, and have had the opportunity to paint up the Austrian figures from it. This is a great set of figures, with 35 sculpts representing various characters from the Napoleonic era. The Austrian figures are: Emperor Francis, Archduke Charles, Karl Philipp Prince of Schwarzenberg, A General, 2 Senior Officers, an Office, an ADC, and 2 Infantry Officers.


I also finished up one of the British Officers as well:


IF you are interested in the Austrians, they can be purchased here: Ebay Auction

Thanks again for looking :-)


  1. Wow - they look fantastic - so much fine detail on these - I thought they were 28mm in size. Best, Den

  2. Nice work, love the officers, really impressive!

  3. I'm not a Strelets fan but these are exceptional, "Jimmy Edwards" (the young guys will need to look it up ;) ) is me favourite.