Friday, December 19, 2014

What's So Civil About War, Anyway?

I've been working a couple of different Civil War projects lately.

First up, a blue coated regiment of foote for the English Civil War of the 17th Century. I haven't done the standard or bases, as I plan on selling these off, and so the buyer can use them for whichever rules set and regiment they desire

These Warlord Games plastics are really nice figures, with a great amount of character. If I was interested in the ECW, these would definitely be the figures of choice for my regiments.



I also finished off a single model, this time in the form of the freebie given away at Salute, which I've painted as a Confederate Colonel. I was going to paint him as General Cleburne, but Redoubt Enterprises do a nice model of him, so this chap is just a generic officer.


Thanks for looking.

And if you're interested in the ECW figures, they'll be up on Ebay this weekend.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Warhammer / Kings of War Lizardmen

Well, two posts in one night. Aren't you all privileged?? :-D lol

Another project that I've been working on lately, on and off that is, is some Lizardmen. Primarily for Kings of War, but I wouldn't be averse to using them for earlier editions of Warhammer Fantasy.

I'm a big fan of the older plastic Saurus and Skink Warriors, and so decided to base my army around those. I do have a Slann mage as well that I picked up off Ebay already painted, but still need to glue it together, so it's not shown here

Apologies for the poor photos.

Thanks for looking

American Rebellion British Infantry

Howdy all,

Well, after an hiatus of a couple of months, due to wedding, honeymoon, illness and house move, I've finally got around to getting my first post in my new home completed.

I've been working on a number of different projects since we moved in, Dust Warfare, Warhammer/Kings of War, and the subject of this post.

I've had these Perry Miniatures pretty much since they were released, but have never really had the opportunity to get them painted up. But now I have, and here they are :-) I haven't done the bases, as I will be selling these on, as it's not a project I intend to carry with, primarily because I have so much else to do.

If you like these, please check out the auction: EBAY AUCTION

As always, thanks for looking.