Monday, April 22, 2013

Saga Normans and Vikings

Howdy all!

Plastic Normans and Vikings from Strelets and and Zvezda. Initially painted for Saga, but could easily be used for Warhammer Ancients at a later date when I've added some more to them!

First up, the Normans:

And the Vikings:

Thanks a lot for looking. :-)

Dr Who Dalek army

Hi all,

Managed to get a few pictures of my Dalek Force taken today. A mix of plastic Dr Who magazine figures and metal Harlequin minis:

I do have the emperor to paint up as well, despite it being a very disappointing model.

The Paradigm Daleks are available for sale, here, if you would like them!

Thanks for looking. :-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

1:72 American Civil War

I've had a few plastic 1:72 miniatures painted for some time, and have now got them completed and photographed. Figures are a mix of Italeri, Strelets, Imex, and Accurate. These have seen a good bit of action during Fire and Fury and Black Powder games. They're great little figures! Pics below!

Confederate commanders Longstreet and Lee:

These are available here if you're interested:

Thanks for looking! :-)