Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flintloque part 2

Hi all,

Following on from my first Flintloque post, I've finished painting the next batch of figures I've been working upon.

First up, a few Limited Edition Orc Characters: General Augustus Fartsagale, Foul Mouth Freddy, and a Chaplain.

Probably my favourite of all the races of Valon are the Joccians. Highland and Lowland rats fighting for the cause of Albion, just don't tell them that they're wearing skirts!!! :-D

General Surjon Moore, General Archirat Gordon (easily my favourite figure in the whole collection), and Captain Angus McBam. I tried to do the Stewart tartan on McBam's kilt, but unfortunately it didn't turn out that well. If I have time, I may go back to it at a later date.


The Catalucia starter pack also comes with Highland rats of the 42nd Blacke Watchit regiment:


Having requested the Lite version from Alternative Armies, there was a code for two free figures included, one of which was this Ferach officer (the other being the Orc redcoat officer in my previous post):

Also included in the Catalucia starter set are the following Ferach troops, a L'Espirit du Garde cavalry trooper and 5 Chasseurs du Garde (having taken these photos I've realised I never painted the eyes, so will need to go back over these!):


And the figures from the Catalucia starter together:

Thanks for looking, and I will hopefully have some more photos of newly painted Flintloque stuff up shortly!


  1. Cracking looking figures. Your amassing a super characterful collection.

  2. Great Minis.

    Nice to see Foul Mouth Freddy painted up.