Friday, May 16, 2014

Halfling Archers

Using the fact that I'm "on a roll" with my painting at the moment, I've taken the opportunity to finish off a unit of figures that I've had lying around in the form some Halfling / Hobbit archers. I think these are Harlequin miniatures, and I absolutely love them. They have oodles of character and charm to them.

They were originally earmarked for my Warhammer 3rd Edition project, and more recently I was tempted to paint them up to use as a unit of Halflings for my current Slaughterloo / Flintloque project I'm currently working on ( HERE and HERE just in case you missed it!), but decided against it in the end, deciding instead to add them to the figures being used for my wedding fund!

Anyway, hope you like them, and if you're interested, they will be up for sale shortly on Ebay, HERE

Thanks for looking! :-)