Sunday, May 11, 2014

Slaughterloo Project - Update 1


So, this is my first update in relation to the Slughterloo project that my mate and I are working on. First up is an Albion Horse Artillery unit:

In addition, I had bought and started some Krautian Guard a little while ago, but have only just gotten around to finishing them off. I was going to use them in my division for the project, but decided against it in the end. Anyway, here they are:

Again, thanks for looking, and hopefully I'll have more updates soon!



  1. What? No limber for your artillery?! No wonder your getting stuff done so quick! ;) It's looking good, mate! Hoping to post an update myself later this week!

  2. Looking good. I do find setting targets helps to get the painting done, so this challenge is a good one.

    1. Cheers Dave. They certainly do help. However I have far, far, far too many targets to meet at the moment! haha

  3. They look fantastic nice one mate!