Monday, May 5, 2014

Prussian Napoleonic Officers

Well, two posts in two days, I must be a role! :-D

Another of my ongoing, very long term projects, is Napoleonics. I picked up a box of the Hat 1:72 Napoleonic Officers not too long back, which contains an incredible 12 mounted Officers for about £6. Ok, slight exageration there. You get 4 Officers, with 3 poses of each, but as the arms come seperate on some of them, there is opportunity for slight variation.

Anyway, I made a start on them, and here are the Prussian Officers (Spanish and Russian to follow at some point, but who knows when, with the way I operate! lol)

The ones that are based I intend to keep for myself, the others can be bought here: AUCTIONS

Thanks again for looking