Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zulu War - Naval Brigade query

Well, I've not long started a new project, being the Zulu War for the Principle of War ruleset. I have my first couple of British regiments painted, of which photos will be added later.

I asked a question on the Miniatures Page concerning the Naval Brigade, and whether the following is accurate or not, and what changes will need to be made. Hopefully the response will provide me more accurate depiction of the Naval Brigade, and then I'll be able to get cracking on the full unit!

(Sorry about the bluriness of the 1st photo)


  1. He looks good Ryan! Very good work on the shading. Maybe the flesh parts could use a flesh wash. He looks a bit pale. ;-)


  2. Thanks Peter!

    I did actually do a flesh wash. I don't know why he looks so pale though! lol