Sunday, August 12, 2012

Teutonic Knights

Well, after a torturous couple of weeks, I have finally finished these Teutonic Knights! Yay! 28mm figures from Fireforge Games. These really are some stunning miniatures! The last couple of weeks have taught me one thing though: I LOATHE painting white paint! lol! I certainly have a new respect for people who choose to paint Napoleonic Austrian armies!

I hope you like them! :-)

If you do, and you would like to purchase them, they can be found here:

Ebay auction: Teutonic Knights


  1. i've seen them before, but didn't post a comment!
    they are awesome! I'm really impressed by your painting work!
    agree with you for the white: a damned bloody colour! I prefer black!
    but the job you've made with it is perfect: congrats!