Saturday, March 16, 2013

Caesar 1:72 Fantasy Figures

Hi all,

I've just finished basing some of my plastic fantasy miniatures, and felt like sharing with you all!

These are Caesar Miniatures plastic 1:72 figures from their Goblins, Elves, and Adventurers packs.

These ones are Dark Alliance Orcs. I painted a small unit of Black Orcs, and then the rest of the figures, when I get around to them will be painted as per LOTR Orcs colours.

I also picked up some metal, 20mm Cyclops. I can't remember who made these though:

And thereyou go. I do have loads more to paint, but it will be case of painting them when I can find the time, and they are wayyyyyyy down the list at the moment.

 If you like these and are interested in purchasing them, they can be found here: Ebay auction

Thanks for looking


  1. Excellent work. I haven´t seen thos cycllops figs..I wonder who made them?

  2. Nice work, the cyclops figures are done by Wargames Supply Dump

  3. I've purchased some of these myself. What game do you have them based for?

  4. Hi Josh, they were based for Warmaster and HOTT. I've long since sold them now though. Wish I hadn't!!!