Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Few Odds and Ends

Hi all!

I've had a couple of days off work and have been doing some test figures for different periods, and also finishing off my first unit of French Foreign Legion. Useful for any number of game systems I guess: Black Powder, The Sword and the Flame to name a few!

First up, a British Napoleonic Officer (figure is from Waterloo 1815, 1:72 scale):

Next up, some Colonial British. I've been experimenting with some spare figures I had lying around, painted, from left to right, British Infantry in Indian Khaki, Private soldier and Officer in grey serge in the Sudan, and a Private Soldier from the North West Frontier (I personally love the Khaki jacket with blue trousers!) [all figures are from Esci, 1:72 scale]

And individual close ups:

I also picked up some figures from Victoria Miniatures as a start for a VSF/GW Praetorian project. This is Captain Kaine:

And for the group that I am really pleased with, the French Foreign Legion (Esci figures, 1:72 scale)

Thanks for looking.


  1. Superb work on all those figures, mate! :)

  2. Beautiful painting and photography. Love your painting style. Best, Dean

  3. Lovely work; especially the mounted officer.

  4. Great bunch of painted figures!