Sunday, September 29, 2013


A buddy of mine, Chris, over at Chris's Gaming Journal, recently decided we were going to get into gaming Flintloque. I have had a love for these miniatures since I was about 16/17, but unfortunately have never had the opportunity to start collecting them (for one reason or another) But when Chris suggested it, well, how could I refuse???

So, a couple of bids went in for a some auctions on eBay, and an order was submitted to Alternative Armies after a few emails with Gavin Syme, who was most helpful. The service from AA was impressive.

As soon as the figures arrived, I was hooked, and wanted more, and I hadn't even started painting them yet!!! The figures have real character, and a certain charm about them. I couldn't wait to get cracking.

I've always been more of a collector, than a gamer, and I can certainly see my collection growing at an exponential rate with these. Even if I do have approximately 2500 1:72 plastic figures to paint! lol

So, I thought I would share my initial paint jobs with you (my photography skills aren't the best, and the iPhone really is poor for photgraphing miniatures. My phone contract is ending soon, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up a phone with a really good camera!)

We have, a Joccian Highland rat, an Orc of the 45th, a Chasseur of the Garde, some Rifleorcs, and a few Rifleorc characters: Major Dunknowit, Captain Murkie, and Captain Fredorcson (based on the characters from the Sharpe books, Major Dunnett, Cpt Murray, and Cpt Frederickson

This should be the first of many Flintloque posts, so I hopefully I will see you soon! :-D


  1. Very impressive, the faces are so nice! Great paintjob!

  2. Hang on a minute! I've just read this post and realised I'm getting all the blame for this! I 'decided' this for both of us did I?!?!!