Friday, June 27, 2014

Flintloque / Slaughterloo Odds and Ends

Hi all,

As I've gotten myself into a flow/momentum with my recent Slaughterloo project, I thought I would take the opportunity to get a few odds and sods finished off, and a start made on my Slaughterloo division proper!

First up, Oswald Pebblekettle and the last of my Rifleorcs of the 105th:

The last couple of Rifleorcs of my version of the 60th Valonian Rifles, enabling me to field a full strength unit in Slaughterloo:

Sharke, Harpy, and a couple of other characters from the original box set:

Sharke, Harpy, and Wheeling Turn from the Sharke's Victory box set:

I have also made a start on my division proper. As I'm from a little town outside of Birmingham called Smethwick (which has been around since Doomsday, and historically was a part of Staffordshire, until they created the abomination that is the West Midlands), I thought I would base my Division on the Orcs of Stuffedshire. There are 3 Regiments hailing from my home county, the 38th (1st Stuffedshire), the 64th (2nd Stuffedshire), and the 80th (Stuffedshire Volunteers).

I made a start on the 80th, and just need to get a colour party for the regiment:

And finally, the Officer of the 38th Regiment:

Thanks a lot for looking :-D


  1. As always.... Looking good.


  2. Nice work. It is good to give a link to your self in the gaming by local regiments or similar.

    1. Hopefully it will give them some added pride in the upcoming conflict! Thanks

  3. I think the eye and skin colour combination is the best I've seen. My Valon Orcs will be 'skin' colour, but yours looks 'authentic' to the setting while still being 'Orc-like'. Can't wait to see your army on the table!