Friday, February 3, 2012


I've had this army for DBA painted for some time, but I've just never gotten around to photographing it. (Like a lot of my figures really!) Until now! :-D I have no idea whether this will be "legal" for DBA 3, but regardless, it's one of my favourite armies to play with.

All figures are Hat 1:72

First up, is the Command Chariot and another chariot (Kn elements)


The backbone of the army, Sumerian pikemen (6 Pk elements)

Finally we have support troops and a handy blade element. Auxiliary (Ax) element [left], Blade (Bd) element [centre], and 2 Psiloi (Ps) elements [right and front centre]


  1. Wonderfull painted army! And what I really like is how you painted those horses!


  2. Thanks a lot! It's really annoying how the models they provided were actually horses and not asses as it was, but I think at a distant you can't tell the difference when they're painted up. Cheers!!