Monday, February 13, 2012

Bretonnian practice

I found an old Games Workshop Bretonnian model in one of my boxes not long ago. This has proven to be quite fortuitous really, as I have recently acquired Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition, and I am working on an High Elf army at present, but will be concentrating on Bretonnians after that (although not using GW's figures, other than probably for Pegasus mounted commanders!!) But more of that to follow t some point.

Anyway, to take a break from the silver, white and blue of High Elves, I thought I'd have a practice on this figure I found. I don't really care for GW "telling me" how I need to paint my figures, or what livery/heraldry should be used, so I decided to use my own design (well, my mom's idea actually). I'm sure that somewhere, at some point, the same colours have been used, but I liked how they look in contrast with each other, and I think when I get to painting my Bretonnian army these will look quite effective.

So I have decided to base my army in the region of Parravon, close to the borders of the Empire and the Wood Elves, and also contains a fairly extensive mountain range, from which I'm sure there could easily be incursions by Skaven and Orcs! ;-)  My initial force will be led by Baron Bleurgh, and this will be the colour of his Town's troops:

They're not all going to be fighting like this!! lol (No idea why the picture is coming out sideways!!! But still, you get the idea! :-)

More to follow when my Elves are complete.


  1. A Skaven incursion you say? Hummm, we'll see. ;)

  2. the blue and yellow go really nicely together, really well painted, keep up the good work

  3. Chris: You heard correct. Bring on the food of peasants!!! (Rats, that is, lol)
    Chris, GOM: Thanks. Nice to see a fellow LOTR SBGer too! :-)

  4. The colors match very well together. Excellent painted figure!