Thursday, March 8, 2012

Conquest and Fireforge Comparison

In response to  question posted on The Miniatures Page, here are the latest offerings from Fireforge (right) and Conquest Games (left) in a comparison shot. On closer inspection, the Conquest are smaller than the Fireforge, but if you use the Normans as "lighter" cavalry than the Teutonic Knights, they should be fine.

Coincidentally, I'm using the Conquest Normans as cavalry for the men of Dale for LOTR, and the Fireforge are being used as my 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy army (Chevalier d'Honneur to be exact!)


  1. Thanks for the comparison! The Conquest horse looks to be a bit smaller... not entirely inappropriate at that.

    How do they compare width wise? Some pictures make the conquest horses seem "fat".

  2. Sounds good dude. Both look like great figures