Saturday, June 23, 2012

Warhammer 3rd Edition High Elves

I've been busy trying to get some major painting completed recently, hence I haven't had time to update my blog. But here I am! :-) I've been working on my Warhammer High Elves for 3rd Edition against my mate's Empire troops. We had a 1000pt game a couple of weeks ago, which was thoroughly enjoyable, probably because I won, but primarily because 3rd edition is more fun than other versions and my buddy is a hoot to play with. Anyway, enough of the talk, and more of the pictures, so here are my High Elves so far:

(For some reason some of the pictures came out sideways and I can't work out how to change them! Doh!!!)

Army Standard Bearer:
 General and Army Standard:
 Army General:
Phoenix Guard
 Phoenix Guard Command:
 Phoenix Guard captain
 Phoenix Guard standard

So there we go, hope you enjoyed looking at them!

If you are interested in buying the Phoenix Guard, they can be found here:


  1. Very nice mate love the Phoenix Guard and Shadow Warriors

  2. Thank you very much! They're my favourite units too! :-)