Monday, June 30, 2014

Flintloque / Slaughterloo Orc Dragoons

Hi all,

I've finished off another unit of Orcs for my Albion Force, this time in the form of some Dragoons. There was no dedicated leader in the box set, and so I've used the officer from the Orc Command set, which actually fits quite nicely, and also gives me another General option.

Thanks again for looking!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Flintloque / Slaughterloo Odds and Ends

Hi all,

As I've gotten myself into a flow/momentum with my recent Slaughterloo project, I thought I would take the opportunity to get a few odds and sods finished off, and a start made on my Slaughterloo division proper!

First up, Oswald Pebblekettle and the last of my Rifleorcs of the 105th:

The last couple of Rifleorcs of my version of the 60th Valonian Rifles, enabling me to field a full strength unit in Slaughterloo:

Sharke, Harpy, and a couple of other characters from the original box set:

Sharke, Harpy, and Wheeling Turn from the Sharke's Victory box set:

I have also made a start on my division proper. As I'm from a little town outside of Birmingham called Smethwick (which has been around since Doomsday, and historically was a part of Staffordshire, until they created the abomination that is the West Midlands), I thought I would base my Division on the Orcs of Stuffedshire. There are 3 Regiments hailing from my home county, the 38th (1st Stuffedshire), the 64th (2nd Stuffedshire), and the 80th (Stuffedshire Volunteers).

I made a start on the 80th, and just need to get a colour party for the regiment:

And finally, the Officer of the 38th Regiment:

Thanks a lot for looking :-D

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Slaughterloo project - update 4

And so, after weeks of frantically painting for the project, it has come to end! And a successful one at that, I might add! :-D I'm really pleased with how my Orc Division has turned out (just in case you missed it, you can see it HERE) As I mentioned, I had an Orc Hussar unit to paint up to add to the Division, after a little re-shuffle of the composition of the force, and so, without further ado, here they are:

These really were great fun, but boy are they big figures!

And so, that's it! The end of my project (but by no means the end of the Flintloque figures I have left to paint, so there will be plenty more posts in the near future)

Thanks for looking

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Slaughterloo Project - Update 3: COMPLETE (???)

Hi all!

Well, the time has arrived where I can feel satisfied, and fulfilled. Yes, I have "finished" my part of our joint project!!! Woohoo!!! Well, I say I've finished. I've finished what I set out to paint in my original post here. However, I was fortunate enough to sell some stuff on ebay recently, and couldn't resist spending a little on more figures. Who can? :-D So I bought myself some Orc Hussars to attempt to counter Chris' Espirit Du Garde! So, I plan to drop the Black Watchit to the reserve, and march the Hussars and a couple more infantry to the front line. (which means I need to paint another 5 cavalry and 2 more Rifleorcs!)

Anyway, I finished off some more rifles, with these ones painted similar to the Historical 5/60th Rifles:

And in the "completed" Division:

I also had a practice at painting up one of the Hussars, based loosely this time on the historical British 7th Hussars.

So there you go! It's all coming together quite nicely. Now to start on my Bolt Action Japanese for the Escalation League at the club next month....

In the meantime, I do have some stuff for sale on ebay, so if you want to support my Flintloque habit/wedding fund, take a look EBAY AUCTIONS